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Marianne Theuma is a qualified childbirth educator and experienced doula based in Malta, offering over 40 years of experience in all practical, non-medical aspects related to pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting.  Over the span of her career, she has taught thousands of parents how to thrive during pregnancy, be aware of choices during birth and be confident and in control during the early years of parenting.

Her philosophy centres around empowering parents to “rise to the occasion”, equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to succeed, and to accept circumstances outside their control.  Marianne advocates for letting nature take its course, with as little medical intervention as possible.  She teaches mental and physical techniques to redirect feelings of fear, tension and pain. This is the best way to empower parents through their entire parenting journey.

In her personal life, Marianne has 3 kids and 5 grandkids.  She has personally experienced 2 natural but very different births and one C-Section birth.


(Available in Both English and Maltese. Given via Skype)

Pregnancy For First-Time Parents


This intensive course of 4 lessons is designed to help you get over the fear of childbirth. We’ll walk through the various stages of pregnancy and birth, explaining in detail how the birth process is designed to compliment our natural body. We will also discuss the first few days after the birth, breast/bottle feeding, and help you get organised so as to minimise the stress that comes with a newborn baby.

Each lesson comes with its own set of notes that recaps the covered material, as well as plenty of articles and videos to help you with further research, if you wish to delve deeper into the subject.

Each course group is limited to a maximum of 5 couples. You are encouraged to attend with your birth partner, be it your significant other, parent or friend.  I will also be available to answer any questions throughout the week.

Pregnancy Refresher Course


This 2 lesson course is great for parents who are pregnant with their second child or beyond.  While refreshing the basics, we’ll also discuss your previous birth experiences as well as techniques to ease your new little one into your current family dynamic.

In case it’s needed to improve on the first birth experience, an optional extra lesson to go into further detail regarding the birth process will be made available.

Each lesson comes with its own set of notes that recaps the covered material, as well as plenty of articles and videos to help you with your research.

Each course group is limited to a maximum of 5 couples. You are encouraged to attend with your birth partner, be it your significant other, parent or friend.  I will also be available to answer any questions throughout the week.

1-to-1 Sessions on Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & General Parenting

Any pregnancy course offered as a group can also be tailored to your specific needs and delivered on a one-to-one basis. You can choose the particular date and time you’d like to receive the lesson, subject to schedule.

Besides pregnancy classes, it is also possible to book a session of either half an hour or more to discuss any other Pregnancy, Breastfeeding or other Parenting issues you might require help with.

Kindly note that private sessions should not be considered counselling or medical advice, and you will be referred to an appropriate specialist if  deemed that you will be better helped that way.

Start Dates

Pregnancy For First-Time Parents

(4 sessions x 2 hours each)


Saturday | 14th November 2020 | 10am – 12pm


Tuesday | 17th November 2020 | 6pm – 8pm

Pregnancy Refresher Course

(2 sessions x 2 hours each)


(Held on demand)


Saturday | 21st November 2020 | 4pm – 6pm

NOTE: We will not hold any group pregnancy courses in December. The next group courses after November will start in January 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is really up to you. The sooner you feel confident about yourself as a parent, and trust your body’s ability to give birth, the more you can enjoy your pregnancy and be in touch with your baby. Your pregnancy weeks are precious and are better spent communicating with your baby with confidence, rather than spending time feeling anxious about the unknown. There are also certain physical and mental exercises that are better started sooner rather than later.

Should you wish to have a quick revision call closer to your due date, it is up to you to book your 15mins on Skype. This will be complimentary when you book the course early in your pregnancy.

Yes. This is known as a VBAC. a Vaginal Birth after Cesarean. If you would like a vbac, it is advisable to know your options and choose your care-givers well. When your c-section was planned, you may not have considered attending a course of preparation for a vaginal birth. If you would like to feel well-prepared for a normal vaginal birth, then the detailed 4-session pregnancy course is for you.

An optional extra lesson to address your first child’s needs is available on demand.

Supporting a new mother during the first weeks postpartum needs planning and specialised care. During the pregnancy course the organising of a postpartum plan is discussed. Family and friends, when they are within reach, can be really supportive when they know how to do it. A little training goes a long way for preparing them to give you the best emotional and practical support that you need during the first weeks, when you are the most vulnerable. We offer a course for your support person/s so that they know how it is best done.
If you do not have family, hiring a qualified Doula could be your best option.

Most parents having second baby worry about this happening and it is normal. There is a lot parents can do to make the transition from only child to big brother/sister as smooth as possible. This interesting part of parenting is discussed in detail in the Refresher course for second-timers.

The first thing that helps you is to respect the circumstances which were behind your decision not to breastfeed, or to stop at any time when you had your first baby. The chances are you had a good reason to decide the way you did.

Just like knowing how your body works during the birth helps tremendously, similarly knowing how your breasts work to produce precious milk for your baby will lead you to master the way nature intends and so have more chance for success.

It is useful to have good support by a professional to establish good breastfeeding techniques, especially during the first week postpartum. We provide an intensive online breastfeeding course and one-to-one online support if needed. Last but not least, having someone to look after you and your needs will be highly beneficial.

We are usually good at answering questions during the courses when they are live, or during one-to-one sessions which can be booked according to one’s needs. A choice of a half-an-hour, one-hour and two hour sessions are available and can be booked individually. We shall be providing a regular monthly session of a Question and Answer, to answer all questions presented to us by our clients.

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